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Ben Kuo Photo AVP Facilities Management
Ben Kuo, AVP Facilities Management

Zone Management

Zone Management is an organizational structure for Cornell’s facilities. Zone management creates a stronger partnership between Facilities Management and unit facilities staff and is intended to improve the delivery of maintenance services at Cornell. Our goal is to provide these services in a timely and cost-effective manner with minimal disruption to faculty, staff, and students.

Our maintenance operations insure Cornell University’s ability to meet its mission through our vision to harness the energy, talent and creativity of the Facilities Management team to provide consistent service to all facilities that results in a safe, attractive and functional campus.

What Are “Zones?”

We have divided 16 million square feet of academic buildings into 3 zones to manage the delivery of building maintenance services. This enables the Zone staff to know their buildings and focus on understanding the programs taking place in the buildings which enables them to better address unit needs.

What zone am I in?